3 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2013

Mobile Trends for 2013As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to start looking at what’s coming in 2013. In technology, it can feel like part science, part fortune telling as the speed at which tech moves can turn the industry on its ear overnight. Still, now’s the time to decide what 2013 looks like for your business. So what are the mobile trends that every business should know about?

Mobile Device Market Heats Up

The trend: Smartphones will continue to grow in popularity, and as tablets get more capable and more immersive, they’ll start eating into laptop market share.

The game plan: Not only do you have to have a mobile website and/or mobile app, but you need to start thinking more broadly about mobile experience. What is it that a smartphone user wants from your website? What about a tablet user? Are you offering the experience that they’re looking for? Be sure you understand what your customers see when they visit your site from their favorite mobile device, and whether or not it meets their expectations.

Mobile App Downloads Explode

The trend:  Even as mobile websites get more sophisticated and responsive, mobile apps still provide the best experience for users. And smartphone users are looking for these great experiences. Technology research group Gartner estimated that mobile app downloads from app stores will exceed 70 billion annually by 2014.

The game plan: Consider how your mobile strategy can tap into the huge demands for apps and related content. Is there an app that you can create that can help customers, support sales staff, or even entertain people — while building name recognition? Every download of your custom app earns attention from potential customers.

The Cloud Takes Center Stage

The trend: As more people begin using tablets and smartphones, cloud storage and cloud-based services will become more and more important to allow users to access their information anywhere. More users will begin using services that sync across devices, like Dropbox or Kindle’s Whispersync, so that they have access to unlimited data and information that they can capture, store, upload and edit files from their computer, phone, or tablet, with any changes automatically pushed to their other devices. This seamless experience will be the rule, not the exception.

The game plan: New mobile apps and websites should be built to integrate with existing online services. Mobile apps should replicate not only the functionality, but speed and experience of a browser, all with a mobile user in mind. Sync capabilities and online storage are paramount. Technology continues to move forward, and with it, your customer’s expectations. What consumers want today is more robust than what they wanted yesterday, and the bar will continue to be raised. Wondering what’s next for your business? Contact us.


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