5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Site

Wherever you go, whether you are walking down the street, at the coffee shop, or even in your living room, you are likely to see someone accessing the Internet via their cell phone. Predictions that cell phone and tablet use will joust desktop computers from their number one spot in how people access the Internet are rampant, and for good reason. A recent survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that 17 percent of cell phone users will surf the Internet via their phone over their computer. And that number is only rising.

If that reason isn’t enough for you to justify developing a mobile website, keep reading…

1. Mobile over Computer.

As stated, people are increasingly using their phones to access websites like yours, especially while they are on the go. This is the prime time to reach your audience as they are likely looking for a place to shop, a product to purchase, or a service they need right away.

2. Mobile Unfriendly Won’t Cut It.

 If your website isn’t optimized for mobile phone usage the user is likely to become frustrated and simply leave the site. If they can’t find what they need at first glance on their phone they’ll move on.

3. Mobile Phone Purchases.

The trend of last year’s holiday shopping is still in full force; more and more people are making purchases via their cell phone. If your site isn’t accessible on a mobile device you could be missing out on sales.

4. Easy transition.

 If you already have a great website or online database you are halfway there. Developers can take what you already have and optimize it for mobile phone usage so you can effectively reach your on-the-go mobile audience.

5. Cross demographic users.

It isn’t just one select group of people that use smartphones for their online searches. There are smartphone users from nearly every demographic: 16 year old high school students, celebrities in Hollywood, businessmen on Wall Street, stay-at-home moms down the street and everyone in between.

So what’s it going to be, are you ready to tackle mobile websites?


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