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Our mobile apps are used every day, all over the world for fun, to manage lifestyles and to streamline business. Check out a sampling of some of our mobile apps.


With over 1,000 beautiful photographs of church exteriors, interiors and treasured artifacts, the Archdiocese‘s new iPad application places church history at your fingertips. Each parish includes a historical account of the church, an architectural profile, information on patron saints and more, as well as full-color photography.

Archdiocese of Chicago Ipad App mobile application, Archidiocese of Chicago Chicago Church's Photos Chicago Churchs Architectural Photos
Culligan Sales Toolkit App

A custom designed iPad Sales Toolkit provides Culligan’s dealer network with an interactive tool to present sales material along with RIO calculators, a solution center to narrow down products, and a resource library containing all the most up to date brochures and product manuals.

Sales Toolkit Ipad App Culligan Sales Toolkit App – Residential Dealers
Mr Bunny’s Photolab App

From the brilliantly creative world of Joe Ledbetter comes Mr. Bunny’s PhotoLab! Take your pictures to a whole new level by adding Mr. Bunny and his friends to your birthday, vacation, and family photos. The possibilities are endless! Get Mr Bunny’s Photolab app now.

Mr Bunny's Photolab Ipad App Mr Bunny's Photolab iPhone App Mr Bunny's Photolab App

Padalog is a full suite of tools for storing, categorizing and showcasing products and documents within an iPad-based catalog. Highly portable and easily updated, Padalog allows sales pros in the field to carry a custom, interactive catalog with them wherever they go, including up-to-the-minute information on pricing and product details.

mobile application, Padalogmobile application, Padalogmobile application, Padalogmobile application, Padalogmobile application, Padalog
BMA Chicago

The BMA Chicago iPhone app provides a simple platform for B2B marketers to participate in all that this thriving trade organization has to offer. With easy access to events, membership information, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a library of recent industry articles and presentations, the app provides a mobile-friendly central spot for keeping up with the latest in the business marketing world.

mobile application, Intelli-Dietmobile application, BMAmobile application, BMAmobile application, BMAmobile application, BMA
Hitachi Data Systems Academy

Hitachi‘s new iPhone app makes it simple for HDS Academy customers to find and register for upcoming courses around the world. Fully integrated with the HDS Academy website, the app allows users to browse courses, upcoming offerings and locations. Through a custom favorites list, Academy clients can plan this year’s training schedule easily.

mobile application, Hitachimobile application, Hitachimobile application, Hitachimobile application, Hitachi

A category Top 10 app featured in the New York Times and Macworld, intelli-Diet frees users from calorie counting by generating a customized meal plan, grocery list, and even reminders at snacktime—all specific to their individual build and weight loss goals. This app’s smart use of cutting edge technology allows for easy access to daily health tips, weight loss tracking, and social media sharing.

mobile application, Intelli-Dietmobile application, Intelli-Dietmobile application, Intelli-Dietmobile application, Intelli-Diet
Lifeline Response

The app automatically notifies the LifeLine Response 24/7 Emergency Response Center and sounds an alarm when the user’s finger is removed from the phone’s screen. The next generation in personal mobile safety providing unparalleled protection against unexpected events, all data is transmitted to servers in real-time, in the event that the phone breaks during an assault.

mobile application, Lifeline ResponseLifeline Response - My LifelinesLifeline Response - ModesLifeline Response - Timer ModeLifeline Response - GPS

Church Apps

The apps for St. Timothy Lutheran Church and Christ the Rock Lutheran Church allow quick and easy access to church information. Both regular attenders and people who may be looking for a new church in their area can use the one-button call, map or email options to stay in touch with or contact the church. Users can also easily get access to news and sermons.

St Timothy Lutheran Church Mobile ApplicationSt Timothy Lutheran Mobile Podcast ListChrist the Rock Mobile AppChrist the Rock Mobile Map
Lunar Hunt Fish

A convenient alternative to much more expensive GPS add-ons, this application shares the best times to hunt and fish in a given location. Users are welcomed with a beautiful wilderness-inspired splash screen before entering their current location or preferred ZIP code to access recommended hunting/fishing times based on the lunar calendar.

mobile application mobile application

Medical goes mobile in this handy app. MedWaitTime allows users to get real-time information on estimated wait times at local medical facilities, as well as connect with doctors providing walk-in care. The app features a simple, intuitive search function that integrates with the MedWaitTime website for up to the minute information.

mobile application, Med Waittime mobile application, Med Waittime mobile application, Med Waittime mobile application, Med Waittime
Lake County PASSAGE

Did you hear that? Lake County commuters just breathed a sigh of relief. The Lake County PASSAGE app, which provides real time traffic information, is now available for both iPhone and Android users. By utilizing several information resources, google maps, and intersection cameras, the app provides insight on delays caused by incidents, roadwork, and inclement weather.

The app also connects you to Highway Advisory Radio (1620 AM) and gives you the ability to report incidents to PASSAGE. You’ll never need to guess which way home will be faster again.

mobile application, Lake County Passagemobile application, Lake County Passagemobile application, Lake County Passage
Cannon Designs

This app shares the ideas, people, and projects embodying the Single-Firm, Multi-Office (SFMO®) culture that is a trademark of Cannon Design, an Ideas Based Practice ranked among the leading international firms in planning and design. A direct feed to the firm’s innovations, a video library of Cannon Design in-house seminars and a project portfolio, demonstrate the unparalleled talent and expertise across their 15 offices – throughout North America and abroad.

mobile application, Cannon Design Splashmobile application, Cannon Design Marketsmobile application, Cannon Design Details
Obstacles XRT

For the busy mobile user on the go, the gym isn’t always an appealing or time efficient option. Studies confirm that people are more likely to continue with an exercise program that they find enjoyable. Obstacles XRT’s progressively challenging obstacle courses gives users exciting new obstacles to take on each day. Designed in coordination with expert fitness trainers, Obstacles XRT makes exercise fly by with highly engaging obstacle courses that include trekking over tires, escaping from quicksand, and sliding under fences. Get Obstacles XRT app here.

mobile application, Obstacles XRT Homemobile application, Obstacles XRT Optionsmobile application, Obstacles XRT Workout
Super Diet Genius

Super Diet Genius creates a personalized weight loss diet infused with Superfoods. Your diet is customized based on your weight, height, gender, age, activity level, rate of weight loss, and even your food preferences! Using a proprietary database of Superfoods, Super Diet Genius provides a weight loss diet consisting of foods with the highest blends of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and fiber.

mobile application, Super Diet Geniusmobile application, Super Diet Genius Optionsmobile application, Super Diet Genius Planner

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