How We Work

Our work with hundreds of happy clients has helped us create a process that keeps each project on time and within budget, while ensuring that you get regular updates, opportunities for feedback, and results you can be proud of.


Our mobile experts really get to know you and your project goals. We learn a lot about you, and you’ll find you learn a lot too as our experts answer all of your questions and outline what the finished product will look like. We make sure we understand your project wish list – What will it look like? How will it work? What does it need to integrate with? What features might be added in the future? Once we’ve got all the details ironed out and you’re 100% happy with the direction, we get to work on the build.


Our creative team designs the visual part of the application. An attractive splash page, backgrounds, buttons and other elements that give the application a professional, trustworthy and friendly feel all get special attention. Plus we mock up the user interface. How will users get to the various pages? What will each page look like? How do we make the application as intuitive as possible? Each of these is defined.


Next we turn the concept into a functioning prototype. Our developers build any backend code necessary to make the app run smoothly and integrate with your current website, software or database. We use coding best practices to ensure that your app will be accepted when it comes time to submit to the Apple App Store or Android Market.


After some internal testing, we provide access to you and any other users you select to beta test the application. We encourage you to put the app through the paces, while we collect all of the test results. Our developers identify any potential improvements, make the last-minute tweaks, and prep the application to go live.


When the app is finalized, we take you to the finish line through complete management of the application submission process. We can submit the app, monitor progress and ensure acceptance so that your app can begin to get in front of millions of smartphone users.

Interested in learning more? Our mobile experts can help. Ask questions or get a free quote by contacting us today.