Merging Media: Mobile Marketing is on the Rise

This year, mobile commerce in the U.S. is expected to top $10 billion. With the opportunity for mobile sales growing exponentially, retailers and marketers are always looking for new ways to use technology to connect with the consumer.

One of the newest efforts to use mobile in a new way is Zeebox, a social app that allows users to share what they’re watching on TV, interact on social media around their favorite shows, and now click to purchase items related to their favorite shows. A single click in Zeebox’s iOS or Android mobile app will bring users to a webstore where they can shop for items inspired by the show they’re watching.

Zeebox isn’t the first effort at connecting people’s everyday lives with mobile commerce. QR codes have been one of the more notable efforts at getting people to engage with mobile content in new ways. And as mobile usage continues to increase, more companies will be looking for ways to get people to stop and engage via their phones and mobile devices.

So where are the opportunities for your business and mobile? Here are three places to look for mobile marketing opportunities.

Online Marketing

Gone is the time where it was enough to have a website. Your customers are just as likely to view your website from a tiny mobile screen as from a 17” laptop screen, so your website has to adapt. A mobile web site ensures that not only is your website easy to navigate on mobile devices, it also helps you showcase the things that your mobile customers are most likely to be looking for, like hours, directions, and online ordering.

Offline Marketing

Another prime place to look to find opportunities for mobile marketing is in your existing marketing efforts. Have a brochure? What information might be better communicated with an interactive app or via video? Got a billboard? Consider offering a coupon that users can access by texting you.

Social Engagement

Got a product or service that people rave about? Mobile offers a great platform for engaging with your customers. Like Zeebox which is based on people talking about TV on social media, you can develop your own way to harness social engagement. Create a place to talk about your industry, get the latest information on your products, or create your own virtual store with a mobile flair — like a virtual dressing room that helps customers put together outfits, or a virtual walking tour of your store or offices.

There are hundreds of ways to connect with mobile users around your brand. To explore your options, contact us today.


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