Mobile marketing for non-profits: There’s an app for that

Should non-profit organizations invest in developing mobile applications? Maybe yes, maybe no. Mobile marketing isn’t always the right fit for any kind of organization – for-profit or non-profit. BUT , the majority of the time mobile applications are a great addition to an online marketing strategy and can even be a source of income.

Some mobile marketing savvy non-profits are quickly gaining popularity in app stores and marketplaces. So how are they doing it? The same way for-profits are, by meeting a need present in their target audience and making it easy for them to share.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of mobile applications non-profits are developing.


The Central Park Conservancy has created a very interactive and informative app for their patrons. The features include some of the latest technology including GPS location technology, app to calendar sync, and a fully interactive map.

Increasing Awareness

PETA is one of the most well known activist organizations and through their mobile marketing approach they are both increasing awareness and breaking down barriers for animal lovers to get involved. Their app provides up-to-date alerts and a quick way to send emails to the organizations/individuals involved in a particular situation. For an added twist of competitive fun, users can tally points and earn badges for taking a stand against animal cruelty.


Lance Armstrong and Team LIVESTRONG have brought an immense amount of awareness in the fight against cancer. Now, by teaming up with Nike, they have created “Boom“, an app that makes raising funds for the cause easier than ever before. The app couples their target audiences’ drive for fitness, passion for fighting cancer, with an easy way to share what they are doing within their social platforms in order to raise money to fund the research and fight against this disease.


We’ve recently developed an app for the Archdiocese of Chicago that displays the stunning architecture and extravagance of the parishes residing in the Chicago area. Both parishioners and tourists alike have the opportunity to explore the deep history of the Archdiocese through striking photography and detailed captions.

So what kind of mobile applications can benefit non-profits?

These examples show that mobile marketing can be used for a variety of goals, from awareness to involvement and even fundraising. Ask yourself: which of your non-profit’s strategic goals could benefit from the immediacy, interactivity and fun that mobile applications can provide?


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