Mobile Trends Worth Considering

2013 Mobile TrendsWe spend a lot of time working with mobile websites, mobile apps, responsive design and other ways to get businesses seen on mobile devices. But mobile marketing continues to evolve. Great opportunities lie in understanding current mobile trends and thinking about how to beat your competitors to the punch.

So if you’re contemplating how to go big with mobile this year, here are some trends and ideas worth adding to the mix.


A recent Pew Research Center study shows that 33% of people now own some kind of ereader or tablet device. 31% of public libraries are now offering ebooks. Just goes to show the shifting sands of media consumption. How might your business get in front of the ereader crowd? Perhaps your restaurant offers a cookbook, or your consulting firm offers a book on current industry trends. Maybe it’s as simple as considering the nook or Kindle Fire as potential devices accessing your website. Either way it pays to understand how many people are using these devices, and how they’re using them to engage with your company — and your competitors.

Mobile Advertising

There are many ways to get an ad in front of a mobile audience, from Google AdWords, to advertising in iOS apps through iAds, to “native advertising” methods like viral apps and mobile sites designed to entertain the consumer while also educating them on your company. Each has different advantages and different costs, but all offer an opportunity to get in front of your target audience.

Second Screen

More than 80% of smartphone users use their phones while watching TV.  Many of these are using social media to talk about what they’re viewing on TV. This helps explain the increase use of Twitter hashtags around television shows (often watermarked in the corner of the screen as you watch.) Mobile will more and more interact with other media — TV, movies, radio and more. How can your mobile approach dovetail with other media? For many companies, it’s worth some thought.

Of course, these are only a few of the ways that mobile technology is changing our lives. As mobile evolves, new trends and opportunities will arise. Want to beat your competitors to the mobile marketplace? Contact us to talk about how to get started.


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