My Top 10 iOS7 Wish List

Before we know it, iOS 7 will be here. We know that Apple is development/testing of iOS7 because developers have reported showing it in their logs. With Apple closely tightlipped about it, I thought I’d put together my iOS7 wish list:

  • QR Codes built into the camera app. Why not? It would make it easier for everyone to scan QR codes.
  • Air Drop Support. I’d love to use my iPhone as a flashdrive to courier files back and forth.
  • Easy to close apps. Most people don’t even know how to close apps. There needs to be another way to close apps. Maybe a way to close them all at one time.
  • Instagram integration. Have the accounts built in like Facebook and Twitter. Add Instagram to the new sharing feature that’s built into iOS6.
  • iBook rentals. Easy enough.
  • Siri reading your emails. When you’re in the car, it would be great if Siri could just read your emails to you.
  • Unlock Siri for developers. Yes please!
  • Multi-user Facetime. I have family scattered throughout the world. Having 4 people on the same Facetime would be awesome.
  • Faster way to organize icons. When you have to move 20 icons around, it gets laborious.
  • Send your friends your exact location through SMS & maps. If I’m in the map app, I’d love to easily tap on a button and send my exact location to someone else so they can view it on their map.
What would you like to see?


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