Android App Development

Android AppsWith a hefty 47% majority of the mobile phone market share, Android is a favorite among smartphone users. The operating system effectively crosses market segment lines and appeals to a wide variety of people from soccer moms to business executives to college students. An Android version of a mobile application is a smart play for anyone looking to expand their application’s reach or support an Android-enabled workforce.

Our design and development team strives for more than just a stunning and functional Android app, they aim to create an app that will resonate within a specific target audience. Each app features our unparalleled design, and harnesses our twenty years of software development experience to ensure that the final product is stable and user-friendly.


  • Incorporate databases from existing iPhone apps, websites, or other online services
  • Skilled developers that utilize use of the latest Android technology
  • Quality assurance and diligent testing
  • Proficient with Android marketplace submission process


Design & Development:

  • Complete project support from concept to post launch
  • In-house team of developers with an extensive knowledge of Android development
  • Creative, unique design and development


Promotional Support:

  • A team of experienced strategists assist in defining the details of your app promotion plan
  • Full-service agency offerings include a suite of mediums to support the launch and promotion of your Android app


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